About Us

Who we are

Tima Steel is one of the emerging warehouses to provide with a large supply for your every material need. It was established over 10 year ago as a traditional family company until 2021 when it was officially and legally branched. It is reputable for assisting small and struggling companies within its sector with its best price range.


Quality tool and material provider at the lowest-cost possible for every project, creating career opportunities while striving to be one of the largest suppliers.

Tima Steels


Our vision will be achieved by:
  • Providing excellent service.
  • Providing best solution for every service rendered.
  • Taking the safety of our employees with out-most importance.
  • Taking the needs of our customers with out-most importance.
  • Being a responsible service provider.

Strategic Goals

  • License to operate.
  • Excellent operation.
  • Material supplier of choice.
  • Largest opportunity provider.
  • Largest supply chain of quality material.

Brand Values

  • Respect - everyone is treated with respect at our workplace.
  • Customer satisfaction - delivering the best product the first time.
  • Quality - Providing quality tool and materials.
  • Proactive - going an extra mile to ensure optimum results.
  • Confidentiality - the privacy of customers is valued.