Who we are

Tima Steel is one of the emerging warehouses to provide with a large supply for your every material need. It was established over 10 year ago as a traditional family company until 2021 when it was officially and legally branched. It is reputable for assisting small and struggling companies within its sector with its best price range.


Quality tool and material provider at the lowest-cost possible for every project, creating career opportunities while striving to be one of the largest suppliers.

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Tima Steels

Our Services

  • Steel Bars
  • Metal Sheets
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Welding
  • Gutters
  • Cutting
Tima Steels

Why Us

We believe that these factors could drive a company into a better and stronger state. Our company emphasizes on
  • Quality - Tima Steel guarantees the best quality for whatever tool and material you need.
  • Expertise - With over 10 years experience, we have the experience to give you a knowledgeable advice on your material needs.
  • Efficiency - Our aim is to assist our clients in getting their materials in the quickest possible time and way.
  • Competitive Prices - Tima Steel guarantees no hidden fees and you get to understand fully what you pay for. We are able to offer prices that are transparent.
  • Business Savvy - We can evaluate and offer a better solution from a thorough understanding of your material need.
  • One Stop Shop - We can provide tools, materials and qualified agents for your needs.
Tima Steels